Live film noir photoshoot on the night

A big thank you to everyone who came along to our launch party on March 6th. It was great to see loads of new faces. We are grateful to Tiger Beer for sponsoring the event and to members of Block T who helped out on the night.

Everyone seemed to get a great kick out of the “film noir” photoshoot – instant 1950’s drama uploaded to facebook for your hangover to contend with the following day (see our facebook page for examples). We also had Claudia Villa running a pinhole camera workshop and there was a constant stream of people up to our darkroom to make photograms.

Thanks also to everyone who exhibited (some at very short notice!). Our student work will be exhibited for the next few weeks so if you couldn’t make it on the night, make sure to drop in and take a look. Some very strong work on display, hand printed in our darkroom over the last year.


Wall of Student Work. Photo by Tadhg Nathan

New work by Mella Travers

The exhibition included work by The Darkroom’s tutors, including an exclusive preview of new work by Mella Travers featuring portraits of women who have had to flee their home country, accompanied with an object that holds their memory of home.

Michael Higgins had a series of 8mm and 16mm projectors on display with a mix of found footage and new material, including his own feature length super 8 film, Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep, a “hypnotic and oneiric cinematic poem” that was shot using 25 rolls using a variety of film types.

A large blockmounted Giclee print by Aubrey Robinson was also on display, as were a collection of loose photographs by Darn Thorn, from his exhibition Frozen Warnings which considers issues surrounding the living conditions of workers during China’s recent economic expansion.

Darn Thorn’s Frozen Warning series. Photo by Tadhg Nathan

Unfortunately the tutors’ work has to come down shortly to make way for construction work, but we hope to be exhibiting it again soon. In the meantime, we will be actively blogging about new work, experimentations and techniques. We hope this is a two way stream. Please do get in touch!

Many thanks to Tadhg Nathan for all the superb photographs from the evening.