We’re thrilled to announce that the Darkroom’s video team, Michael Higgins and Aubrey Robinson, have been invited to give a two day workshop at this year’s Darklight Festival on 24th and 25th of April.

Darklight is a seminal festival for independent creative film arts, and it returns after a hiatus with a full “reboot” and relocation to Smithfield.

A core part of Darklight’s philosophy relates to how lower budget technology can be adopted by independent artists to produce high-end visuals that compete with mainstream practitioners. Our two-day workshop is an adoptation of our intermediate film-making Hacks course, looking at high-end workflows using Canon DSLRs:

Students will be brought through all of the key steps of a professional video shoot using Canon DSLR cameras, including planning, shooting, transcoding, editing and post-production. Students will gain extensive knowledge and understanding of a professional high-end digital workflow for low/no-budget video work.

Spaces are limited. You can book a place online vie entertainment.ie