Tonight we launch our new darkroom, website and courses, including courses in digital photography and video, super 8 and 16mm motion film, and a range of specialist masterclasses for 2014.

We’ve very excited about the new courses as they will allow us to blend analogue and digital workflows, something we feel very strongly about in our own professional work. When Le Cool Dublin interviewed us yesterday for the launch, we took the opportunity to explain this approach further:

Photography has evolved into digital but it’s very important to connect to something that’s tangible rather than sitting at a computer. With film, you learn about lighting. Lighting in film is so different, that enables you to become very good at digital as well.

Digital and film are really valuable, they don’t compete but they complement each other. Even camera phone photography and disposable cameras are valid mediums, they’re fun. No matter what format people are using it’s good that they’re out there expressing some form of creativity. It’s about picking up something and taking a risk on what it’s going to produce.

We hope you enjoy the website. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about courses or want more information.