Alternative Processes courses 2017

ALT01-Introduction to Cyanotype & Van Dyke Brown

Courses 2017
Course Dates: June 10th and 11th (Saturday and Sunday)

A practical, hands on workshop that concentrates on two distinct Alternative Processes; Cyanotype, an Iron printing process that produces a striking Prussian Blue image and Van Dyke Brown, an Iron/Silver process that produces a beautiful and painterly sepia coloured image. Read more…

ALT02-Introduction to Wet Plate Collodion

Courses 2017
Course Dates: April 29th and 30th (Saturday and Sunday)

An intensive one day workshop which introduces beginners to Wet Plate Collodion. Students will learn chemical safety, plate coating, exposure, development and varnishing. Read more…

ALT03-Introduction to Gum Bichromate Printing

Courses 2017
Course Dates: TBC

A Gum printing workshop that encourages creativity and embraces the possibilities of chance. Print your images with watercolour pigments and add an extra layer of pictorialism to your work. Read more…