Alternative Processes courses 2017

ALT01-Introduction to Cyanotype & Van Dyke Brown

Courses 2017
Course Dates: February Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th

A practical, hands on workshop that concentrates on two distinct Alternative Processes; Cyanotype, an Iron printing process that produces a striking Prussian Blue image and Van Dyke Brown, an Iron/Silver process that produces a beautiful and painterly sepia coloured image. Read more…

ALT02-Introduction to Wet Plate Collodion

Courses 2017
Course Dates: January 21st & 22nd

An intensive one day workshop which introduces beginners to Wet Plate Collodion. Students will learn chemical safety, plate coating, exposure, development and varnishing. Read more…

ALT03-Introduction to Gum Bichromate Printing

Courses 2017
Course Dates: March Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th

A Gum printing workshop that encourages creativity and embraces the possibilities of chance. Print your images with watercolour pigments and add an extra layer of pictorialism to your work. Read more…