ALT02-Introduction to Wet Plate Collodion

Weekend Workshop / Tutor: Louis Haugh / Max. 4 per class


A process steeped in history and mystique; dating back to 1851 the Wet Plate Collodion process has been used to document everything from war, aristocrats, medical patients and families who couldn’t afford a painted portrait.

This introduction weekend will be a hands-on & creative approach to Wet Plate Collodion, giving students the opportunity to learn through practice how to make their own plates from scratch. Students will begin will a chemical safety brief, after which Louis will demonstrate the various techniques involved before given students a chance to prepare, coat, expose and develop their own plates by hand.

The weekend will revolve around a portrait session on Saturday and a still life session on Sunday. Students are encouraged to think about the images they want to make and bring in their own interesting props and pieces that will help them make the best work. A table of props will be provided for general use.

February Courses 2018
Course Dates: Feb Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th


10am-4pm (includes an hour for lunch)



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Louis Haugh

Louis Haugh

A graduate of IADT’s Ba Photography Programme, Louis has been working independently and collaboratively within Dublin for many years. Having exhibited and participated in residencies nationally and internationally, Louis’s photography practice is as diverse as it is varied. Drawing from a plethora of historic and contemporary printing techniques, Louis brings a dynamic range of Alternative Processes to The Darkroom’s existing curriculum.