DSP01 – Introduction to Digital Photography Course

Max. 8 per class


This digital photography course provides a complete foundation for getting started with your digital camera as well as learning how to take exceptional photos. The course will also take you through the fundamentals of manual photography – shutter speeds, aperture, ISO, how they affect exposure and how they can be used creatively when taking a photograph. You will be shown different techniques on how to compose an image by looking at the rules for composition. You will be shown advanced shooting modes and file settings that will give you the best results. You will also learn the advantages of shooting in raw format and understanding histograms.

Spring/Summer Course Dates

May & June Courses
May Course Mondays 14th, 21st, 28th & Wendesday June 6th
June Course Mondays 11th, 18th, 25th & July 2nd





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Ruth Hallinan of www.poddlepublications.com
Before I started the beginners’ digital-photography course, all I expected was to come away with technical knowledge of how to use my camera.
What I actually got was so much more – a real appreciation for photography as an art medium and a new excitement to see the world with the photographer’s eye for detail.
Mella’s knack for spotting the beauty in the every day was very inspiring and, since starting the course, I have wanted to take photographs everywhere I go! I highly recommend this course and was sad when it came to an end!”

Eimear O’Shea
Mella, I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve given us during this Intro to Digital Photography course. Your undivided attention and care for us as individuals throughout left no skill untouched. You somehow managed to bring each of us out of our shell so well and not only discover but celebrate and embrace our own unique outlook and passion for the art. I learnt more than I could ever have imagined and you’ve left me with the happiest feelings of confidence and inspiration in everything I do now.
As for the fortune of being amongst a group of such immense talent and welcoming friendliness, I felt trust, openness and security from the get-go. This all made for such a lovely environment to take risks and find our way in. My thanks from the bottom of my heart being so super cool to learn from and all the positive encouragement to boot. I’m truly excited to see all your work again!
I recommend this class, and any more, The Darkroom as it has everything you need to explore and challenge your passion for photography. From beginner to professional they will leave you in awe of what you didn’t know you needed to learn