Make A Photo Book

1 weekend and 1 Saturday / Tutors: From Read That Image / Max. 8 students per class


Make a Photobook is a three-day group workshop lead by the Read That Imageteam and guest tutors. Workshop participants will explore each stage of the bookmaking process and create their own photobook dummies.

During the workshop participants will learn the language of the book form, how to read images, make meaningful decisions and build a book that is rooted in a carefully considered concept. Participants will work collectively and individually on their books with guidance from the RTI team throughout each stage of the bookmaking process.

The workshop format is intense, fast-paced, hands-on and highly productive. Participants will arrive with a collection of images and leave with a hand-crafted dummy book, and the knowledge and understanding required to develop it into a fully-fledged photobook. READ THAT IMAGE

Materials are provided for the duration of the course

September Courses 2017

Sat 2nd, Sun 3rd & Sun 10th

Course Times

10am to 5pm


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