Upcoming Film courses for 2018

DPD01 – Introduction to Black and White Darkroom

Spring/Summer 2018
May Tuesday 29th, June 5th, 12th & 19th

A basic introduction to film development and printing at our custom-built film darkroom. You will learn darkroom safety and how to: use equipment and mix chemicals; create photograms; develop and store black and white film; make contact sheets and test prints; use multi-grade filters and basic black and white printing. Read more…

DPD02 – Intermediate Black and White Darkroom

Summer 2018
Wendesday June the 27th July 4th, 11th,& 18th

This intensive course affords students the opportunity to develop more advanced techniques utilised in the making of Exhibition Printing. You will learn split-grade printing, which will bring in details into your highlight and shadow areas resulting in a fine art black and white print. Read more…

DPDO3 – Advanced Black and White Darkroom

Summer Courses 2018 
Course dates: June Sunday 23rd & Saturday 24th

This course is for those who have a good knowledge of the darkroom. You will learn Now to apply the Zone System when developing your film as well as advance split grading printing. Learning to print on fibre based paper and toning. This course will enable students not only to be able to have consistent well-exposed negatives but create an archival toned fine art black and white print. Read more…

APDO1 – Introduction to Film Photography using 35mm & 120 Film Cameras

Winter/ Summer Courses 2018
Course Dates: July Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th

This course is an introduction to photographing using film cameras and to the Black and White Darkroom. It is aimed both at beginners and those who want to rediscover manual settings, providing a comprehensive introduction to analogue photography learning or recapping on aperture stops, shutter speeds, ISO settings, exposure, depth of field and composition. Process your own film and print your own black and white images.
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APFD01 – Art of Photography

Course runs over 3 months for 9 Thursday evenings and 6 Saturdays

Months:running at the Moment new dates to be confirmed


Course Dates: 2018


Thursday Evenings 18.30 – 21.30, Saturdays 10.30 – 16.30

The Art of Photography is a mentorship-based course aimed at those who want to advance their photography skills, pursue a certain project or create a photographic portfolio to showcase their work. The course is suitable for people with a good understanding of the basic principals of camera exposure in digital or analogue.

The course provides students with the technical skills, facilities and creative environment to explore and develop their ideas to produce a substantial body of work, be it for an exhibition or portfolio. Throughout the three months, students will enrol in different workshops, choose from; large format/medium format cameras, film processing/Black and white printing, studio lighting, fill in flash, scanning negatives and digital printing, Post production using Lightroom and Photoshop. Read more…

APD03 – Street Photography

Febuary 2018
Course Dates: TBC

This outdoor workshop is for all of those who are interested in Street Photography using either digital or film cameras. It is aimed at all those who wish to shoot urban scenes and everyday life on the streets of Dublin. You will learn the secrets to help you capture great street photographs including focusing techniques, composition tips and much more! The class will be held around the streets of Dublin, starting at the main entrance of Trinity College at 10.30 am and finishing at around 16.30pm (including breaks). By the experienced and renowned Dublin Based Street Photographer Esther Moliné. Read more…

CDP02 – Photogram Workshop

May Course Dates 2018
May 31st

This course will present tried and tested techniques for cameraless creative image making. At the same time, it is an experimental workshop where students will play and create photograms by using different materials and techniques. Read more…

IPC01 – Intermediate Portrait Photography

July Course Date 2018
Sunday 15th

This course is suitable for photographers who have an understanding of there camera settings and can shoot on the manual setting, who want to learn and understand portrait Photography. This course will provide you with the skills to take a great portrait through demonstrations and hands-on shooting. Students will learn about the challenges and joys of taking a portrait. Investigate different styles of portrait photography from the candid shot to the more formal shoot.
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IPC02 – Advanced Portrait Photography

June/July Course Dates 2018
Weekend Sat 30th & Sun 1st

This Advanced Class is for those experienced and professional photographers who want to learn portrait photography or just want to enhance their skills.
We as the photographer bring ourselves into every image we take; be it landscape, documentary or portrait. It is what makes an image of the same scene unique to each photographer. In turn, the viewer brings in their own visual experience when they view an image.
In a portrait, when a subject is in front of a camera their expression changes continuously, it is us as the photographer to chooses the moment in which we decide to click the shutter and capture that unique essence of the subject. Lighting can create a mood, evoke drama or quietness. It can be soft and hard and it can change the shape of someone’s face, the same with the lens that you use. The relationship between you and the sitter is paramount to the success of every shoot.
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FSD01 – Introduction to Super 8 mm Black & White

Courses 2018
June Sunday 10th

This super 8 film course gives you the ideal introduction to the format. You will learn how to operate the Super 8 camera and shoot a roll of film. Look at how to use an editor viewer and learn to cut and splice, then screen your début.Read more…

FSD02 – Intermediate 16mm Black and White

Course Dates: TBC

This 16mm film course provides a hands-on practical guide to shooting, developing, splicing and editing motion films using high-quality B&W 16mm film. You will learn how to use 16mm cameras, exposes, shoot on 100ft film. Students will process their positive film and will have a screening on the end of the second day.
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