‘The Actual Size Film Company ‘ A Clip from Dennis Kenny and Tim Hawkins Film’s. Shot and processed on our last 16mm course

FSD02 – Intermediate 16mm Black and White

2 day Weekend course / Tutor: Darn Thorn / Max. 6 per class


This 16mm film course provides a hands-on practical guide to shooting, developing, splicing and editing motion films using high quality B&W 16mm film. You will learn how to use 16mm cameras, exposes, shoot on 100ft film. Students will process their positive film and will have a screening on the end of the second day.

The Darkroom will provide each student with a 100ft roll of 16mm film (3mins approx.), and all chemicals necessary for the duration of the course. There will be a small selection of cameras to be shared among pairs of two and if you have your own 16mm camera please bring it along.
If you can bring a tripod along as well as a light meter if you have one, for the course as we have a limited amount here.

Course 2017

Course Dates: TBC
Time: Saturday 10.30-16.30 & Sunday 10.30-17.30



Sale Price until the end of January €295.00

You can book the course by email/phone or through the Paypal button below

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Darn Thorn

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Darn holds a MA in Fine Art Photography from Monash University. He has lectured and taught photography in Melbourne, Bristol and Dublin. He has exhibited widely in Australia, China, The Netherlands, Norway and the UK. He recently participated in FORMAT International Photography Festival, Derby, UK and was a studio holder at Spike Island Contemporary Art 2010-13. In 2014 he has been resident a Fire Station Artist’s Studios Dublin and Malakta in Malax, Finland. View Website