Upcoming Summer Workshops 2017

This July & August we have week-long Summer Camps for teenagers and week long Photography Workshops for adults

Photography Summer Camps

get Creative get Shooting this Summer

Week-long Digital Photography or week-long Film Photography Teenager Summer Camps this July

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Learn how to use and take great photos using retro film cameras or Digital camera by getting to know your camera’s settings, learning new techniques, and you will soon be capturing those perfect shots.Read more…

PSA01-Photography Through The Ages

Week-long immersive photography adult workshop

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Experience and learn about photography from its origins in 1840 to the present day

Beginning in 1842 with the Cyanotype process on Monday, then moving through the ages with Wet Plate Collodion, Large and Medium Format Photography, Silver Gelatine Printing, 35mm Photography and finishing with a Digital Masterclass on Friday.Read more…