We at The Darkroom have teamed up with Processlab founder Darn Thorn
PROCESSLAB is an artisan film processing service for all formats of film

The Processlab, process film from 35mm to 5×4 of Colour (Negative or Slide) or B&W traditional film photography. And also process 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm motion picture film as either a negative or projector ready positive print. Darn works with artists in developing film to suit there own practices.


Scanned image from process of E6 4X5 format
Image Sharon Murphy

Photo Film Processing

Push / Pull Process is an Extra €3 on all films

Process E6 – Colour Slide
35mm- €9.50
120- €9.50
4×5- €5.50 – Per Sheet
We currently do not offer a slide mounting service

Process C-41 – Colour Negative

120- €6.00
4×5- €4.50 – Per Sheet

Black and White Film
Our standard developer is Kodak Xtol – this is an excellent fine grain developer for modern and classic emulsions. It gives great results when pushing film.

35mm- €7.00
120- €7.00
4×5- €4.50 – Per Sheet
Non Standard Developer is an extra €1.50 on 35mm and 120 films and €3 on 4X5

*Non-standard developer – on request we can process in other developers such as Agfa Rodinal (more contrast) & Kodak D76 (less contrast). This is dependant on availability – please check with the lab.

Motion Film Processing

CINE 8mm / Super 8 / 16mm Hand Processing

Film can be processed as Colour Positive or B&W Negative/Positive

Turnaround: Two Weeks (Ireland)

B&W Negative


8 / S8 (50ft Reel)- €20
16mm (100ft)- €30

B&W Reversal

8 / S8 (50ft Reel)- €25
16mm (100ft)- €35

Colour Reversal (E6 Process)

8 / S8 (50ft Reel)-€35
16mm (100ft)-€50
*Only certain films are suitable for E6 Colour Reversal processing. See below

Please note:
We process in 100 ft processing tanks, please contact for pricing should processing a 400ft reel be required. Hand processed film is not as critical as machine processing, the result can demonstrate a small amount dust and occasional variations in development. It can achieve an ‘old film’ look.

We can offer a digital transfer HD Super 8 Scan, (turnaround 4 weeks) please contact for more details.

PUSH PROCESSING – Film shot at a higher ISO than rated need to be push processed, i.e. Tri-X Reversal is normally ISO 250 in daylight, if shot at 500 or 1000 ISO it needs to be push processed by 1 or 2 stops respectively. Unlike colour reversal Tri-X looks less contrasty when pushed.

Cost + 5 for each stop push (i.e. +3 stop = €15)

E6 PROCESS – This is the standard process for Kodak Ektachrome 100D (no. 5285/7285). Other Reversal stocks will shift colour and density in this process. You will need to shoot a test roll and assess the results before committing to processing with E6.

POSTAL SERVICE: We do not yet offer a courier service, standard registered postage is €6.60 For return shipment of large quantities or heavy items we will quote per job. We use AnPost registered postage.

You can also drop and pick up your film from The Darkroom (postal may be charged)


Contact for orders and information

Or The Darkroom

Darn Thorn

Image Darn - sm

Processlab is run by Darn Thorn a photographer & artist based in Cork. Printing since 1991, he trained in Fine Art Photography at the Victorian College of the Arts (Melbourne) and holds a MA in Fine Art Photography from Monash University He has worked for many years in commercial processing labs. As a lecturer and technician he has worked at numerous institutions in Australia, Ireland and the UK. Here at The Darkroom Darn, teaches the Super 8, 16mm and video courses as well as The Art of Photography and is our technical adviser View Website