Studio Rental


If you are planning a shoot and need access to a large, very well equipped photo studio, then look no further. At The Darkroom we have a studio with a large selection of backdrops, lights, reflectors, diffusers and other essential gear. The studio measures approximately 13ft wide by 22ft long and is separated from the work space by a black studio curtain that can be removed if you need extra room. The backdrop poles can be assembled on either wall depending on the shoot in question, or dismantled entirely if you prefer the natural brick wall.

Rental of the studio includes full access to our studio lights, stands, backdrops and other equipment. Please let us know in advance what you require for the shoot so we can prepare the studio for you.

Exclusive-Use includes the rental of the entire building, guaranteeing the most private shooting experience possible. The Darkrooms will be closed and made available to store your bags, clothes rails etc… While the workshop area will be available for your own use. Daily access from 9AM until 6PM, other times are negotiable.

Non-Exclusive use includes studio rental only. There may or may not be classes in the darkroom or workshop area and Mella and Louis will be working from the office. Daily access from 10AM until 6PM, other times are negotiable.

Exclusive use

One Day- €450
Two Days- €750
Three Days- €950

Non-exclusive use

Three Hours- €125
Full Day- €350

Variable Rates are variable for Students & Artist

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