Monoflex Experimental 16mm film Masterclass @TheDarkroom with Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie

One Off Monoflex Experimental 16mm film Masterclass at The Darkroom by Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie

1 day Weekend course / Visiting Tutorswor: Australian experimental filmmakers Richard Tuohy & Dianna Barrie / Max. 12 per class


This course is a one-off opportunity to work with well known experimental filmmakers and artist from Australia Richard Tuohy & Dianna Barrie

A hands-on 16mm filmmaking workshop involving their Monoflex black & white processing technique. Learn the experimental filmmakers 16mm cameras of choice – the Bolex and the Krasnogorsk K3. Processing your film using Richard & Dianna’s Monoflex experimental processing technique.

You will go through the cameras, light meters and the features and foibles of DIY 16mm shooting, as well as learn the experimental techniques like matting, multiple exposing and single frame etc.. Then using the LOMO 16mm/super 8 film processing tanks. You will develop your black and white film and dry them over lunch.

You will be using the Monoflex technique. Working on lengths of a film about 4 foot or so long, we will apply tape or glue or sticky paper or nail polish or other resist material to these strips, thereby selectively protecting parts of the films from the chemistry.

These prepared strips will then be bathed in more chemistry starting with bleach then clearing bath, developer, and fixer. to selectively complete the reversal process. Remove the resist material and presto – Monoflex – selective positive and negative processing, on the same piece of film.

A great thing about this process is that you will get an intimate understanding of how black and white chemistry works. Aside from the first time we develop the film, all the remaining processing steps will take place in full light in front of your eyes. we will then go through splicing and projecting (and perhaps performing with a projector) these are essential skills for DIY experimental filmmaking.
No prior film experience is necessary.

Course Dates: 18th November 
Time: Saturday 10.30-19.30

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Cost €155

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16mm Experimental Screening with Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie

The screening will be on Friday the 17th of November / Donation suggested at the door & BYOB / Limited places available!

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Watch their films and meet the Artists Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie for 1 night only event here in Dublin this November

We here at The Darkroom are delighted to be hosting Australian Artist Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie. They run NanoLab the only processing lab for small gauge film in Australia. Richard is also a co-founder of the AIEFF experimental film festival in Melbourne.

Richard Tuohy starting shooting in the late 1980 and has created almost 50 films in Super 8 and 16mm up to date. His films have screened at venues including the Melbourne IFF, EMAF (Osnabruck), Rotterdam IFF, New York FF, Ann Arbor and Media City.  He has frequently toured Europe, North America and Asia presenting solo programs of his work.

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His films are typically highly structured, have strongly formalist concerns and are firmly in the ‘hand-made’ film tradition. An advocate for the possibilities of handmade cinema, Tuohy has devoted much time and effort in sharing his knowledge through workshops and classes both in his native Australia and internationally.

Over the last several years, Tuohy with his partner Dianna Barrie has conducted close to 50 workshops in Europe, USA and Asia at universities, artist-run film labs, galleries and public institutions.

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Films screened : Flyscreen, Ginza Strip, Etienne’s Hand, Crossing, Pancoran, Seoul Electric, Blue Line Chicago, Inside the Machine.

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