Artist in Residence – Audrey Hendy

Hi, my name is Audrey Hendy, I am a fine art photographer and currently the artist in residence at The Darkroom.

My work at present is focused on self-portraiture that focuses mainly on personal experiences.

Mella awarded the graduate artist in residence place to me after seeing my work at the graduate exhibition in IADT where I had just graduated from the BA photography degree course.

Since I began working at The Darkroom I have learned high-end darkroom printing. Mella has taught me to pay close attention to the details in every photograph and print that I make. Not only but also in the studio where I shot some of the images for this project.

She has also helped me to understand why we do the things we do in the darkroom. Most importantly I have enjoyed every moment of it!

I have created a series of self-portraits based on my emotions as a twenty-something leaving college and trying to decide who I am as my own person. It was difficult for me to keep motivated as an artist post-college.

These photos represent that struggle between wanting to give up and wanting to succeed. Four of the images from the series were shown at the exhibition in The Darkroom on Culture Night. At the end of my residency, I will be doing a talk on my work and showing the work I have produced during my time in The Darkroom. It will be open to the public, the date to be confirmed, will keep you updated…..





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