Artist Profiles

Roisin White

Róisín White is a visual artist based in Dublin, working primarily with photography while incorporating drawing, sculpture, and collage into her practice.

Róisín holds a BA (hons) in Photography from DIT, and certificates in Ceramics, Sculpture, and Drawing from NCAD.

Wendy Judge

Wendy Judge is a visual artist based in Dublin.  Judge’s practice is committed to second-hand travel and the authentic experience from the here and now to the far distant future.

Her work revolves around the landscape in all its forms and the anomalous within the landscape.

Dorje De Burgh

Dorje de Burgh is a Dublin-born and based photographic artist. His most recent work, Dream the End – concerned with photography’s relationship to trauma, memory, meaning, and death in the era of simulacra dematerialization – was selected for the FUTURES European photographic mentorship program 2019 and exhibited at both the Museum of Contemporary Photography of Ireland and Mermaid Arts.

Bob Gallagher

In early 2019 Bob was Emerging Artist-in-Residence at the Darkroom, studying analogue developing and printing techniques.

Having come from a filmmaking background to explore photography, Bob used his time here to develop a highly experimental process working with analogue 3D images shot on 35mm film. 

Chloe Brenan

Chloe Brenan is an Irish artist from rural County Carlow who divides her time between Carlow and Dublin.

Through moving image, sound, text, and photography she explores the simultaneous engagement of the body and the intellect, and the reciprocity between both, which enhances our ability to be responsible and responsive to the world’s patterning’s and murmurings.

Johnathon Matthey

Jonathan Matthey is a graphic designer with a fine arts background from Glasgow. 

He combines his love of painting and simple lighting to create dramatic portraits.  

Film photography has forced him to slow down and confront many bad habits gotten from shooting on digital mediums.