Culture Night 2020 18th of September 

Online Exhibition by Letizia Lopreiato 

The Timelapse

The Timelapse’ by the visually impaired artist Letizia Lopreiato is an intimate documentary account, using the media of film photography and poetry. It explores the topics of loss, trauma and the acceptance of disability as a driving force for self-discovery.

This project’s digital launch will take place at The Darkroom on September 18th for Culture Night, featuring both on The Darkroom website, on The Darkroom social media channels and on Letizia Lopreiato’s Instagram account too and on her new The TImelapse website she created to unveil this project, starting with Chapter 1.

It will include an artist’s talk between the Visual-Poet Letizia Lopreiato, and The Darkroom Founder, CEO, and Art Director Mella Travers.

The launch will focus on the photographic journey of Letizia over the past three years. It will highlight for this occasion her use of `Black and White film images.

On her artistic journey, Letizia came to The Darkroom in order to learn how to process film and print her negatives as a member of The Darkroom community over the past three years.

Her project will remain showcased in The Darkroom virtual gallery space both on The Darkroom website, and its highlights will be live on IGTV at (Will be live from Thursday).

During this on-line launch, you will hear the voice of Letizia reading some of her poems, that she wrote to accompany this work.

these poems became a powerful voice, enabling her to express the hurdles she has had to overcome for this particular journey.

This online event will also feature a conversation between the Visual-Poet artist Letizia Lopreiato and Mella Travers focusing on the reasons and source of inspiration, as well as the challenges she faced, whilst growing in the awareness of herself as a Visual-Poet Artist, through this journey over the last three years.

In Letizia’s words:

Accepting my visual disability as a driving force for self-discovery. This three years documentary and film photography project, couldn’t know a better way to be announced. 

I arrived at The Darkroom in February 2018, with a film camera in hand, and the beginning of a story that was just starting to unfold, and I grew. I grew challenge after challenge during this time, thanks to the real inner exploration that The Darkroom as a community, and Mella Travers’ guidance, truly helped me navigating through. 

Self-discovery, self-love, and above all self-respect, for a vulnerability, that thanks to film photography and the essence of its teachings, I now feel and think of as my core source of strength and courage.
 I now know and most importantly, I recognise and accept myself as an artist. 

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