16mm Cameraless film workshop with Ieva Balode

16mm Cameraless film workshop with Ieva Balode

December 1, 10am-5pm, The Darkroom

This one day workshop will introduce the art of making cameraless film on 16mm black and white film material. We will be working with found footage and making loops with flat prints (photograms) using basic black and white photographic chemistry in a darkroom, as well as in an open light using various organic and non-organic materials.

Ieva Balode (LV) is an artist and film curator working with analog image. With her works she takes part in international exhibitions and festivals presenting her work both in installation, as well as cinema and performance situation. As a curator she is a founding member of Baltic Analog Lab – artists collective from Riga providing a space and platform for analog film production, research and education. She is also a director of experimental film festival “Process” happening in Riga from year 2017.

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