Dorje de Burgh

Dorje de Burgh is a Dublin-born and based photographic artist. His most recent work, Dream the End concerned with photography’s relationship to trauma, memory, meaning, and death in the era of simulacra dematerialization – was selected for the FUTURES European photographic mentorship program 2019 and exhibited at both the Museum of Contemporary Photography of Ireland and Mermaid Arts.

This work was also shortlisted by Void Athens and FotoRoom in their photobook series publishing award, presented at Unseen Amsterdam, and selected for inclusion in the Pallas Projects Periodical Review survey of Irish art 2019. It was most recently exhibited internationally in The Science of Grief, an online symposium in response to the Covid-19 crisis produced in collaboration with writer Molly Hennigan, The Science Gallery Atlanta, The Science Gallery Detroit, and The Science Gallery Dublin. Dorje is a recipient of the Arts Council of Ireland Next Generation Award 2020. 

THE DARKROOM: Since beginning my residency with The Darkroom I have broadened my practice from photography to the moving image – working with the studio’s beautiful Bolex Super 16mm and under the guidance of Mella Travers, I have begun to shoot, develop, scan and edit the early phases of my first short film: a piece that serves as both introduction and foundation myth of my new large-scale multi-media body of work.