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During the year the darkroom host exhibitions/events for new emerging and established Photographers/Artists as part of our program. It is important that this tradition continues to thrive. Check out our Deadlines below for submitting work. And what is coming up… 

Our First exhibition of the new year 2019 Opening March 7th to March 17th                                                                

Giulia Berto Photography Artist 

 Fragments    By Giulia Berto  

The Night Before 

Fragments is a long-term black and white series in which I explore how it feels to be together and apart as lovers in a long-distance relationship. Three cities, four countries, two continents. The starting point in London then New York – my adopted home, Dublin – John’s homeland in Ireland and Italy, where I grew up. These are the emotional landscapes of a tale of love and trust, friendship, separation and reunion. Fragments is a story of a chase, a love letter slowly unfolding across the sea. 

The project is shot on a 35mm SLR film camera with black and white Ilford HP5 Plus 400 film.


Giulia Berto is an Italian photographer. She holds a Bachelor in Biology and a Master in Evolution of Animal and Human Behaviour and in 2013 she graduated from the International Center of Photography in New York.

Her photographic work focuses on long-term projects and deeply personal stories, exploring the realm of intimacy and relationships between human beings and its connection with their environment. She adopts a long-form approach for her work and her medium of choice is analogue photography, both in 35mm and large format.

Berto’s photographs have been published and exhibited internationally. Her work has won various awards and published in several books. Through her series Fragments she has participated in different mentoring programs, The Photography Master Retreat in France (2016) – held by Martine Fougeron, Elisabeth Biondi and Lyle Rexer, and Scotiabank CONTACT Portfolio Reviews Award in Toronto, Canada (2017). More recently, Fragments was on show at the print space in London during Photography on A Postcard and Circulation(s) Festival, under Susan Bright’s Carte Blanche. Her photography also features in Black+White Photography Magazine, British Journal of Photography and HuffPost as well as other publications. Berto has been nominated for the RPS Hundred Heroines initiative celebrating women in photography today. She lived both in London and New York City and is now based in Dublin, Ireland. | Instagram: @berto.giulia

Dates for Submissions will be put up on by the middle of January