everyday same scene 1 image

Hope everyone is doing as well as can be in these strange times, looking to the future.

We at The Darkroom Team are putting out a call to all those who use photography in their practice and just love photography to get involved with this proposal

The idea is to take one photograph of the same scene every day. It can be in colour or black and white, taken at different times each day, it can be analogue or digital and use any camera format from SLR to your phone just post it on instagram and tag us @darkroom.ie and for Facebook tag @TheDarkroom and we will share as many as we can on our stories and showcase from 1-2 artist 7 images of their series each week both here (with permission) and on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

After this more information will be provided to submit work to be held in an exhibition at The Darkroom in July

Looking forward to seeing all the inspiring submissions.