Looking to book a New Year’s Photography course this 2019? Check out our beginner’s options starting this January

Got a camera this Christmas or need to dust off one you already have?

Saturday 5th of January. A one-day introduction to digital and film cameras this course is ideal for Beginners or for those who need a refresher All our courses are based on practical learning and this one includes a photo walk in the afternoon. After the course, you will know what the settings on your camera do and how they affect your image Price €75  BOOK NOW

Tuesday the 8th of January-4 sessions is our Introduction to the Black & White Darkroom, a practical hands-on course during which you will learn how to make photograms, dev your own film and make black & white prints from your negatives. Once this course has been completed you will be able to book time in the darkroom and your first booked session will be complimentary. Price €200 BOOK NOW

Saturday the 19th of January 11am-1pm Photogram Workshop Saturday the 19th of January 2pm-4pm Photogram Workshop This course is ideal for total beginners and those who wish to experience the magic of the Darkroom. You will make images using different materials such as glass, beads, cotton wool and cloth. By laying various materials directly on to photography paper you will develop your design and create a one-off unique image. Price €30 there are only 7 places on the workshop. We do group bookings at a reduced rate BOOK NOW

Monday 5th of February  – 4 sessions Introduction to Digital Photography This course is ideal for beginners and those who want a refresher. The course is a fully comprehensive introduction to your camera and composition, on completion you will have the confidence and knowledge to capture the images you want, shooting on manual settings. Cost €200 BOOK NOW

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