16mm Camerless Film Workshop


Date: Saturday July 10th, 2021

This one day workshop is full of fun and learning and an excuse to get messy and play. It is an introduction to the art of using cameraless film techniques on 16mm black and white copy film material. We will be using photogram and chemigrams techniques using organic and non-organic materials as well as scratching and painting and work with found footage and making loops with flat prints, using basic black and white photographic chemistry in a film darkroom.

Suitable for all Levels

Time: 10.30am – 4.30pm


– Introduction to black and white 16mm film physical and photo-chemical qualities
– Demonstration of equipment and ingredients
– Working with film in open daylight
– Making tests
– Also working with the film in the darkroom using contact printing using found footage
– Reversal process (using the negative and positive image)
– Creative processing techniques
– Making film loops and projecting them using 16mm projector

Time: Arrive at 10.30am


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