APD04– Large format 5X4 Camera workshop


Dates: Saturday 7th November

Large Format 5X4 Camera workshop

Runs Saturday 7th November

Cost €200

 You will Learn:

-The in’s & outs of the workings of a large format, using 5X4 Camera’s

-Using the tilt, shifts & swing movements to shoot creative images

-Learn to load the dark slides, with direct positive film and later on with black and white negative film

-shoot different set up’s

-Develop and print the images

The Darkroom will provide all the materials for this workshop We have a few cameras here to use but please bring your own if you have one. 

Students must be able to use a manual or automatic film camera so that you are familiar with the basic workings of SLR settings.

Course Duration 

Full day with 3 breaks

1st session 10 am-1.30 pm including a 15min break

lunch break 1.30pm to 2.15pm

2nd session 2.15 pm to 6 pm


2020 Saturday 7th November

Cost  €200




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