Cameraless experimental photography workshop


Dates: October Sunday 25th

Runs on  October, Sunday 24th 

Cameraless experimental photography workshop; Images without lens making Photograms,  Chemigrams 

This workshop is for those who want to get creative, experiment, and play using photography materials and darkroom techniques.

All that is required is enthusiasm, as well as a notebook and pen.  Notes will be proved on the day imp. Don’t wear your best clothes

All Materials are provided and included in the cost of this Workshop 

A practical, hands-on workshop that is all about cameraless techniques  making photograms to experimenting with Chemigrams that produces unusual results

What you can bring 

We will have a selection material here for you all to use but if you want to bring your own please do

Better if what you are bringing will have some transparency leaves and small flowers are great as well as unusual glasses (we have a lot here )

Your Day 

Arrive at 12 

You will be introduced to our black and white darkroom and will experience the magic of the darkroom through making photograms under the enlargers. Making one-off images using different materials and experimental techniques.

Then break for 14 mins

We will then with all our knowledge get messy and make chemigrams where we will be using  different substances to create different chemical reactions and colours from washing up liquid to Honey

Start rap up at 4


October Sunday 25th


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