DPD01 – Introduction to Black and White Darkroom


This course is ideal for a total beginner and for those who want to do a refresher of there skills.

An introduction to film development and printing were you will gain an excellent basic grounding in darkroom techniques enabling you to work independently in the darkroom.

You will:

-Learn Darkroom safety and how to use equipment and mix chemicals

-Create photograms

-Develop and store black and white film

-Make contact sheets and test prints

-Learn to print your own images using multi-grade filters, producing high quality black and white prints.

The Darkroom will provide all chemicals needed for the duration of the Course and paper for the first 2 weeks. The cost of the course includes one free 3hr session in the darkroom, which can be taken after the courses finishes.

The Darkroom has a collection of 35mm film cameras, that we loan out to students, a deposit is required and will be given back on the return of the camera.


Students must be able to use a manual or automatic film camera to produce a well-exposed black and white film.

Course Duration 

4 weeks, runs on a Tuesday

Times, Morning class from 11am-2pm, Evening class from 6.30pm-9.30pm


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