DPD03 – Advanced Black and White Darkroom


Dates :March, Saturday 30th & 31st


March, Saturday 30th & 31st

Advance Course

This course is for those who have a good knowledge of the darkroom. You will learn the Zone System for Processing Film, advance split grading printing, printing on fibre based paper and toning prints. This course will enable students to create an archival toned fine art black and white print.

The Zone System is a method of getting the most out of film-based photography. It’s a methodology that helps you pre-visualise the exact outcome for each image from the camera through to darkroom print. By determining the exact exposure requirements for each tonal element for in each scene you shoot, you can be guaranteed to produce an accurate reproduction every time. By helping the photographer to ‘read’ the properties of a negative, this method helps you adjust your film processing for perfect results.

Printing and toning using lith, gold and sepia toners to enhance your prints bringing in beautiful tones when printing on Fiber base paper which has a high silver content, this course is an opportunity to experiment and learn different techniques.

The Darkroom will provide all chemicals needed for the duration of the Course and paper for the first few weeks.


Students must have completed Course DPD02 or have an intermediate knowledge of developing film and black and white printing.

Course Duration

I full Weekend times 10.30am-5pm


March, Saturday 30th & 31st


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