DSP02 – Intermediate Digital Photography & Post Production


This is an intermediate course for those with a basic knowledge of digital photography who would like to take their skills further.

Taking up from where the Introduction to Digital Photography course left off, students will build upon their experience of taking photographs and will learn how to use Lightroom and Photoshop to get the most from their images.

By developing a professional workflow, participants will learn to organize and process raw files for output for print and for the web. Each student will work towards a self-directed creative or professional work brief, each participant will learn the skills of applied digital photography and develop the technical and artistic proficiency to realise their ideas through critical engagement and support.

Learn how to use different types of lighting setups including fill-in flash and how your lens type will create different moods in your images.
By employing “non-destructive” digital darkroom processing, involving tonality, curves, color balancing and localized adjustments, each participant will learn to take control of their own outcomes.


Students must have completed DSP01 or have a basic knowledge of digital photography. Students will also need to bring a laptop for editing their images.


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