Experiment with a DSLR Camera


January Saturday 11th

Runs on Saturday January 11th 2020

Total Beginners Course: For those who want to learn and experiment shooting using DSLR Cameras (Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera) 

No prior experience needed: On the day you can bring your own camera, we also provide DSLR cameras, which you may have to share with one other person.

All that is required is enthusiasm, as well as a notebook and pen.  Notes will be proved on the day.

IMP  You will need to bring a USB stick to take your images home with you.

If bring your own camera you will need to make sure that your battery is fully charged and your SD or CF Card is empty.

You will learn…

All about the camera settings from automatic to manual.

What shutter speed and aperture stand for.

About composition how to get what you want.

Your Day 

Start time at

10.30 am

Go through the cameras and setting then practice what you are learning in real-time

We will then experiment with composition

Learn and practice taking a meter reading to get the best result for your image

Shoot some portraits

Lunch 1-2 pm (not fixed in stone)

Go out shooting on a photo walk of the area

3.30 come back to the studio and download images

Look at work and upload them on to your drives

Wrap up at 4.30 pm

Leave at 5 pm


You will feel confident in knowing how to use a DSLR camera and have a set of images to take home


1 Full-day 10.30am – 5pm


January 11th


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