IPC01 – Beginners to Intermediate Portrait Photography


Date: 2020 Saturday February 22nd

Dates: Course postponed due to Covid-19, dates to be confirmed.

Beginners to Intermediate Course

This course is suitable for photographers who have an understanding of their camera settings and can shoot on the manual setting, who want to learn and understand Portrait Photography.

This course will provide you with the skills to take a great portrait through demonstrations and hands-on shooting. Students will learn about the challenges and joys of taking a portrait while shooting a model. Investigate different styles of portrait photography from the candid shot to the more formal shoot.

Learn composition through the camera lens and the effects of different focal length lens have when taking a portrait as well as ways of posing and positioning the subject. Different lighting techniques, through managing natural and artificial light, using reflectors and retractors as well as photographing in the studio using simple studio lighting setups.


One Full day Time 1o.30am – 4.30pm

Dates: Course postponed due to Covid-19, dates to be confirmed.


Sunday, February 3rd


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