IPC02 – Advanced Portrait Photography


Dates: February Weekend of the 22nd & 23rd


(Will would run in 2021 dates to be confirmed)

Advanced Course

This is for those experienced photographers who want to learn portrait photography or just want to enhance their skills.
We as the photographer bring ourselves into every image we take; be it landscape, documentary or portrait. It is what makes an image of the same scene unique to each photographer. In turn, the viewer brings in their own visual experience when they view an image.

In a portrait, when a subject is in front of a camera their expression changes continuously, it is us as the photographer to chooses the moment in which we decide to click the shutter and capture that unique essence of the subject. Lighting can create a mood, evoke drama or quietness. It can be soft and hard and it can change the shape of someone’s face, the same with the lens that you use. The relationship between you and the sitter is paramount to the success of every shoot.

The First Day will be a mix of demonstration and practical based learning. We will be looking at different techniques used to pose your model and lighting setups, gain an understanding of what you want from your subject and how to get it, and also what your subject wants from the shoot. The second day you will be photographing 2 different models and putting the skills from the first day into practice in the studio and on the street using a mix of daylight and flash.


1 Full weekend Times 10.30 am – 4.30 pm


(Will would run in 2021 dates to be confirmed)


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