One day Introduction to film photography & printing


Runs on: Saturday the 16th of January 2021

Date: Saturday the 16th of January 2021

Total Beginners Course: For those who want to Shoot images using Black and white film.  

No prior experience needed: On the day we will provide you with one of our professional point and shoot cameras or if you have one please bring it along.

All that is required is enthusiasm, as well as a notebook and pen.  Notes will be proved on the day  Don’t wear your best clothes

You will learn…

How to load your camera with film, all about camera settings and composition.

How to develop your film

How to make a photographic black and white contact sheet and prints

Your Day Will:

 Start at 10.30 am

Go through the camera settings, then load your film,

Then we go on a photo walk around the area of Smithfield, Stoneybatter and the Phoenix Park or until your film runs out

This is time to have fun and experiment when shooting your film.

We come back and develop your film.

Lunch 1-2 pm (not fixed in stone)

After Lunch 

Make a contact sheet then pick the images you want to print

We start printing

Rap up at 4.30 pm (could go on for longer)

Leave at 5 pm


Walking home with you first set of negatives and black and white silver prints


1 Full day – 5pm


Date: Saturday the 16th of January 2021


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