The purpose of this residency program is to facilitate the development of photographic practice and is open to any photographer or artist using the medium of photography that is seeking to develop their work.

Residencies tend to entail:

    • Full access to the Black and White darkroom (except when classes are on in the darkroom) 
    • Full access to the photography studio (except when classes are on in the studio)
    • Use of camera and studio equipment (with prior booking)
    • Access to professional Epson professional scanner and printer (will prior booking)
    • The provision of all the chemicals and equipment for film processing and printing in the darkroom (residency recipient will have to provide their own photographic film and paper)
    • Mentorship, weekly feedback sessions, technical support, advice and access to coinciding Darkroom courses (depending on availability of space)
    • Use of our in-house photography library
  • Access to hot-desk.

Here is the list of our Residencies Programs.

Graduate Residency: 2019 

Will be running from  July to October  

The Graduate Residency is open to graduates from BA Programs in Photography/Fine Art (who use photography within their practice) within the Republic of Ireland. It is a Ten-week residency and is competitively awarded based on the quality of the applicants’ work. This residency will culminate with a public talk/showcase of work. This can be in the form of an exhibition or other.

(This Residency start in September 3rd and chosen by a selection of the Board on visiting the colleges and interviews)

Residency Submission Materials:

  1. Please email a statement about your art practice, detailing themes, working methods and use of media (300 words max) 
  2. One image of your work by the 20th of May 2019 to, in your submission please put GRADUATE RESIDENCY in subject line. 

Emerging Artist Residency: 2019/2020

Runs: Starting in November – March 

The Emerging Artist Residency is designed to enable a professional practising artist working in other art forms the opportunity to explore their practice through the discipline of photography. This residency runs over ten weeks. This residency will culminate in a public talk (and potential exhibition of work) 

Deadline: November the 30th 2019 Midnight  See below for submission details 

Photographic Artist Residency: 2020

Runs: from April – July

The Photographic Artist Residency is focused on contemporary artists for whom photography is at the core of their practice. It is designed to allow participants the time, space and resources to develop a lens-based body of work that will culminate in a public exhibition, photobook, zine etc to be exhibited/launched at The Darkroom. Participants will have access to specialist cameras and equipment (including large and medium format cameras) in addition to other residency resources as listed. This residency will take place over 8 weeks Exhibition to run on the 4th of June to the 15th 

Deadline: January 31st Midnight  See below for submission details 

Residency Submission Materials:

Applications should take the form of one PDF document to include the following:

1) Up-to-date CV (2 pages max)
2) A statement about your art practice, detailing themes, working methods and use of media (300 words max);
3) a project proposal including details of project timeline and required technical resources (300 words max);
4) Examples of work: documentation in the form of images or Youtube/Vimeo link. Please include the following details: title, medium, date of work. (10 Photographic works max)

If you want more information, contact us!