Closes on the 24th of June with an Artist Talk… Both artist will be in conversation with Mella Travers will be open to questions from the audience and will start at 7.15.

The exhibitions times are from 12 midday -7pm weekdays and 12 midday to 5pm weekends. Look forward to seeing you there….

An exhibition comprising of two emerging photographic artists, with an age difference of 36 years, the work spans over 35 years, and both share with us their love of light and shadow, shape and form.

You are invited to be immersed into analogue photography from black and white hand made prints, ‘made here in our darkroom” and the joy of Kodachrome projections. Each artist an individual but together their images take you on a story that has been weaved through time within the medium of the black and white image on 5X7 paper the images criss cross each other to tell a joint story.

As you enter the gallery space of The Darkroom you hear the sound of the carousel projector where each slide moves forward making room for the next one. These are the only colour images in the exhibition and there is 80 slides in total by Frank little. These images transport you into another world with their depth and colour, for they are shoot on Kodachrome with a Olympus 0M1 which house’s one of the most amazing metering system, within an SLR camera one of the best cameras you could buy and trust.

As you pull your self away from the slides to your right are the prints of Sébastien Rannou framed images with the essence of Cartier Bresson photography with his trip-dip of strips from a metal grids to a child running across Dame street holding a bottle in his hand while the sun refracts within the rain drops and soaked ground and where the real and imagined cross over and emerge as one. He photographies the light as it plays with the shadows of others, as they stretch across the walls.

Sébastien Rannou

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