Analog Photography

This course is a great introduction to film development and printing were you will gain an excellent basic grounding enabling you to work independently in the darkroom.

This course is ideal for a total beginner and for those who want to do a refresher of there skills.

You will:

-Learn Darkroom safety and how to use equipment and mix chemicals

-Create photograms

-Develop and store black and white film

-Make contact sheets and test prints

-Learn to print your own images using multi-grade filters, producing high quality black and white prints.

The Darkroom will provide all chemicals needed for the duration of the Course and paper for the first 2 weeks. The cost of the course includes one free 3hr session in the darkroom, which can be taken after the courses finishes.

The Darkroom has a collection of 35mm film cameras and students can use them a  deposit is required and will be given back on the return of the camera.


Students must be able to use a manual or automatic film camera to produce a well-exposed black and white film (35mm, 120 or 5×4 format).

Course Duration 

4 weeks, runs on a Tuesday

Times, Morning class from 11am-2pm, Evening class from 6.30pm-9.30pm

Upcoming course dates

Tuesdays January 8th, February 4th, 11th, & 18th

Cost €225.00

This course is an introduction to photographing using film cameras and to the Black and White Darkroom. It is aimed both at beginners and those who want to rediscover manual settings, providing a comprehensive introduction to analogue photography learning or recapping on aperture stops, shutter speeds, ISO settings, exposure, depth of field and composition. Process your own film and using your own negatives to make black and white prints.

A full compacted 2 days

In the morning we will go through your cameras, Aperture and shutter setting as well as exposure and composition. In the afternoon we will go for a guided photo walk, where you will shoot your black and white film. On the following Saturday, you will process your film, make a contact sheet and select images for printing, then you will make your own photographic prints.

The Darkroom will provide all chemicals, film & paper for the duration of this course.

The Darkroom has a collection of 35mm film cameras and students can use them a small deposit is required and will be given to the student when the camera is returned.

Course Duration 

Runs over 2 full Sundays over two weekends

Times, 11am-5.30pm

Upcoming course dates

November Sundays 4th & 18th


Cost €275

A practical, hands-on workshop that concentrates on two distinct Alternative Processes; Cyanotype, an Iron printing process that produces a striking Prussian Blue image and Van Dyke Brown, an Iron/Silver process that produces a beautiful and painterly sepia coloured image.

The workshop covers every aspect of printing alternatively, from coating your paper, making your exposure, developing your print and toning your final image. Students will finish with a solid understanding of each process, its chemistry and practical tips to use in their own practice. An immensely enjoyable and practical workshop suitable for anyone with an interest in photography, printing, art or working without computers.

Students are required to send four digital images ahead of the workshop, which will then be made into large format inkjet negatives to be used during the workshop.

Course Duration

Runs over 1 weekend

Times, 11am-5.30pm

Upcoming course dates



r  Calendar

Cost €220

Digital Photography

This digital photography course is for total beginners and for those who want to refresh up on their skills and fill in any gaps of knowledge.

The Course will provide you with a complete foundation for getting started with your digital camera as well as learning how to take exceptional photos. You will be taken through the fundamentals of manual photography – shutter speeds, aperture, ISO, how they affect exposure and how they can be used creatively when taking a photograph.

You will be shown advanced shooting modes and file settings that will give you the best results. You will also learn the advantages of shooting in raw format and understanding histograms.

This course is very hands-on, we use a practical approach to learning through photographing using your own camera, you will see how these terms work and there effect on the image in real time. We will be going out on a photo walk, where you will learn how to use your light meter to get the right exposure and about composition and framing your image, gain confidence in taking photographs, find your own style and recognise what will make a great photograph.

You will be given small assignments to do in your own time, so you can practice what you are learning, finishing the course with a small body of well exposed and composed images.


Course Duration

Runs over 4 weeks

Times, Morning course 11am-2pm Evening course 6.30pm-9.30pm

Upcoming course dates

November  Monday 12th,  Saturday 17th ( photo walk) Monday 26th & December 3rd



Cost €205

Analog + Digital Photography

The Art of Photography is a mentorship-based course aimed at those who want to advance their photography skills, pursue a certain project or create a photographic portfolio to showcase their work. The course is suitable for people with a good understanding in the basic principals of camera exposure in digital or analogue photography.

The course provides students with the technical skills, facilities and creative environment to explore and develop their ideas to produce a substantial body of work be it for an exhibition or portfolio. Course tutors Mella Travers, Louis Haugh & Mandy O’Neill work alongside students to elevate their practice to the highest possible level through classes, one-to-one tutorials, group critique sessions and technical workshops. At the beginning of the course for the first few classes students will attend a lecture in photographic theory and practice, do a recap on basic/intermediate photography skills and look at the rules of composition – and how to break them. And be introduced to Adobe Lightroom workflow.


The course runs over a five month’s period, with 92 contact hours, it is made up of twelve evening classes and ten full day’s classes. Throughout these months, students will participate in different workshops; Portrait and landscape photography, medium and large format cameras, film processing/black and white printing, studio lighting, fill in flash, scanning negatives and digital printing. Advanced post-production using Adobe Lightroom and an introduction to Photoshop will also be covered. As well as continuous group critique sessions and one-on-one tutorials. The course will end with a group exhibition.

The course takes into consideration participants work schedules and the tutors are respectively flexible in arranging workshops and tutorials. Each student will have access to the darkrooms and studio (availability dependent) outside of the course contact hours

Course Duration

14 evenings and 10 days on a weekend

Times, Evening 6.39pm-9.30pm Daytime 11am-5.30pm

Our New Course starts on Thursday the 11th of October   

View upcoming course dates in our  Calendar

Cost €1150

Motion Film and Video Courses

This super 8 film course gives you the ideal introduction to the format. You will learn how to operate the Super 8 camera and shoot a roll of film. In the afternoon you will Learn about developing your film. The next day edit it using an editor viewer and learn to cut and splice, then screen your début.

The Darkroom will provide each student a 50ft roll of Super 8 Black and White Reversal film (3 mins approx.) and will process your film for you. There will be a small selection of cameras to be shared among pairs of two and if you have your own Super 8 cameras, please bring them along.

Course Duration

1 full day over a weekend

Time, 11am-5.30pm

Upcoming Course Dates 

September 30th


Cost €235